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Helical Screw Piles


Modern helical steel piling (also called 'helical anchors') is the latest form of a technology

Helical Piles

A helical pile consists of a galvanised steel shaft onto which is welded a series of low-pitched circular steel plates. The piles, varying in diameter from tens to hundreds of millimetres, are screwed into the ground with hand-held or machine-mounted hydraulic or electrically powered drilling equipment. The applications range from underpinning to support of roadside structures such as signs and gantries.

Helical Piles

The advantages of helical screw piles

Compared to conventional piling, the advantages of helical piles include these:

  • Fast installation
  • Vibration free, quiet and virtually fume-free
  • No excavations or spoil to remove from site
  • No concrete or curing time
  • Small footprint - helical screw piles are ideal for restricted sites
  • Design flexibility
  • Sustainability (removable and re-useable).

Helical Piles


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