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Site DesignFLI's Screw Pile

FLI can provide you with a complete site design service, including planning drawing production.

Structural Analysis

We can analyse any existing structures for the addition of extra antennas. We can also check our standard product for your generic or site specific requirements.

We have software to check lattices, guyed structures and monopoles.

Bespoke Designs

If you require a special solution, we are happy to help. We will design a bespoke solution for you that satisfies your operational and aesthetic requirements.

All bespoke design work includes the production of full fabrication drawings using 3D modelling. We can also offer rendered 3D graphics of our products to realistically illustrate their appearance within the surrounding environment.

Auto CAD

Our design team use Auto Desk, Inventor 2011 to create each product, from standard designs to bespoke designs to suit our customers needs.

CAD Design

Assistance with Structure Selection at Pre-order Stage

Our sales team include two engineers. So we are able to select the most suitable solution technically for you and advise you accordingly, so that what you order is what you actually needed.

Structure Prototypes, Testing & Trial Rig

If we develop a brand new product to suit your needs we would be happy to produce a prototype if necessary. We can also carry out testing, such as RF testing or fall arrest testing and trial rig with antennas. This provides you with peace of mind that what is delivered to site is exactly what you want.

Foundation Design

Our structural engineers can design your foundation for you. This includes all types of foundations, such as concrete raft, traditional piles and our own helical piling system. We can also install the foundation for you.

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